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Potbelly Sandwich Shop in Gurnee is a nice inexpensive café in the centre of Gurnedee. A really good value café is the Bamboo Room, located on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in Algonquin, IL. As for the best live music bar in Alginquin IL, Bamboo Room B is located directly in front of the Algoma County Courthouse. If you need a good live music bar for algenquin Then you have to visit this place.

The north is bordered by Algonquin Road, which is connected by Main Street to the south and Gurnee Road to the north, and is connected by the Alginquin River.

Pyott Road and Lakewood Road connect the village with Lake Hills, Crystal Lake and Lakewood. Other major roads in Algonquin are Lake Cook Road, which is connected by LakeCook Road to the south and Gurnee Road to the north, as well as the Alginquin River and Bending Road.

These roads connect Algonquin to the Fox River Valley suburbs of Lake Forest, Oak Park, Lakewood, Crystal Lake and Lakeland. The village is connected to the south by Lake Park Road, an important access road, as well as by the Alginquin River and Bending Road.

This corridor not only serves the needs of the local population in the western Algonquin area, but also serves as a major destination for retail businesses in a vast region that includes most of McHenry and Northern Kane counties. Industry is a significant part of the economy of the Alginquin area, with manufacturing companies and a planned corporate campus at the intersection of Route 31 and the Bend Road. Other major industries in Algenquin include a mining company on Route 31, machine parts on Randall Road, and an industrial park on Lake Park Road and Lakewood Road, and an oil and gas refinery on the site of a former coal mine.

Potbelly's Sandwich Shop in Warrenville is located at the intersection of Route 31 and Lakewood Road, which is considered one of the most popular restaurants in the western Algonquin area. There are a large number of restaurants, bars and other retail outlets in Alginquin, making it one of the top ten in Illinois in terms of retail sales per square foot per capita.

Eastview Elementary School (K-5) serves students who live in the Randall Road section of the village. Algonquin Middle School, 6-8, serves Eastview and Alginquin Lakes and is largely funded by Dundee Crown High School. In addition to Westfield Elementary, it also serves Dundie Crown, Algoma Middle, Eastfield Middle and Eastlake Middle Schools. It serves students living on the east and west sides of Lakewood Road and on the west side of Randall Rd. East View Elementary School, K / 4 - 5, is attended by students living in a part of Glenview Road and at the south end of Algenquin Lake.

It serves students living in the Liberty Elementary School area and is largely fed by Jacobs High School. It serves the high school - older students who live on the east and west sides of Glenview Road and at the south end of Algenquin Lake - and is served by Dundie Crown, Algoma Middle, Eastfield Middle and Eastlake Middle Schools. Liberty Middle School, K / 4 - 5 and 7 - 8, serves high school students who live on or near the west side of Lakewood Road, Alginquin Lakes and Randall Road.

The majority of the village is served by the Algonquin Area Public Library District, which includes the city's public library system, the Alginquin Municipal Library and the Algenquin Public School District. The University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, the largest public university in Illinois, is located right next to the Algonquins Corporate Campus and serves students in the area.

Numerous tool factories have been established west of downtown, and the area is around Algonquin Industrial Park, Illinois "largest industrial park, built on East Algenquin Road in the late 1980s. The Alginquin City Library, one of the largest public libraries in the city, was established in the late 1990s by the Illinois Department of Public Health and Human Services (ILDHS) and the Illinois State Police (ISP).

Algonquin stretches west along the busy Randall Road corridor and has become a major commercial center in recent years, with a growing corporate campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign (UIC) and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT).

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